Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace
Rating: 15

When I heard that Ridley Scott was releasing a new film based in space, all I could think about was another Alien film. But, in order to enjoy this film you need to completely banish Alien from your mind.

It focuses on a group of explorers who find an indication to what could possibly the origin of human kind. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan-Marshall Green) travel to another planet in order to trace down the origin of this clue. On a ship run by the most miserable looking woman, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) and David (Michael Fassbender), the slightly odder than odd robot, they must fight against something they never thought they would discover.

I think it was hard for a lot of viewers to get the idea of it being a new Alien film out of their heads, but thinking that way will only make you confused whilst you watch. You need to go into this film thinking nothing, just blank. Then you you’ll probably understand and hopefully enjoy it.

The film is promising the whole way through, but not as promising as I was hoping for. After seeing previous Ridley Scott films I was really hoping for something action packed, heart wrenching and innovative, but it wasn’t quite delivered. I can’t knock the film as it was well constructed and had a brilliant story line, but it just lacked that alien-ripping-through-stomach kind of moment.

None the less, there is a big ‘something’ (I won’t give any spoilers!) at the end of the film that made everything click into place. Now I’ve said that, you’ll all want to go see it, just to cure your curiosity. So, even with my harsh criticism, I would still recommend watching this one.

Verdict: 3/5

2 thoughts

  1. Brilliant review, I just couldn’t get into this movie because I just kept thinking about the first Alien film throughout it.

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