Director: Kirk Jones
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Chace Crawford

As a woman it’s just my natural instinct to be obsessed with babies, and I am. I cannot get enough of babies. So when I saw the trailer for this film I was stupidly excited, and knew I would drag my reluctant boyfriend to see the film.

Following the lives of five couples that are all expecting a baby, we see how their lives entwine and the trials and tribulations they come across. We see Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and husband getting ready to adopt a baby, Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) and Gary Cooper (Ben Falcone) expecting after years of desperately trying, Gary Coopers dad Ramsey (Dennis Quaid) and his younger woman (Brooklyn Decker) having twins, Jules (Cameron Diaz) and Evan Baxter (Matthew Morrison) the celebs having an unplanned baby and Marco (Chace Crawford) and Rosie (Anna Kendrick) who reunite their flame with unexpected consequences.

I reckon not a lot of people saw this film as it looks like one of those pointless films, which you really don’t need to spend your money on seeing. But, it was worth every single penny. I never thought a film about pregnancy and babies could be as chuckle inducing as it was. There was so much great humour used that I was generally in tears at some parts.

The “dude group” is one of the best concepts I have ever seen, with all the dads forming a group that they go around in. Although I would say overall it’s one of the best comedies of the year, there is a very sad scene within the film but they do need credit for the respectful manner in which they produced the scene.

If you’re like me and love babies, pregnancy (No, I’m not pregnant, nor have been) then you’ll absolutely adore this film. I’d also recommend you drag your boyfriend along so he gets the hint!

Verdict: 4/5

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