Directors: Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg
Starring: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott and Chris Klein
Rating: 15

I’ve only seen a couple of the American Pie films and they’ve always been fairly enjoyable, but I wouldn’t class them as films I could watch over and over. Therefore I wasn’t sure if I was excited for the new film or not.

With no surprise it starts with a very crude scene including Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), their young son, a sock and the showerhead. From there on the typical theme of American Pie is seen. We see Oz (Chris Klein) is now a sports reporter and living the life with his model girlfriend. Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is the perfect househusband to his beautiful wife. Pretending to be head of his job and being the usual womaniser is Stifler (Seann William Scott). Finally, we see Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) who seems to have travelled the world and become the most interesting one out of them all.

The rest of the film is about the up and coming High School reunion (do they even exist?) in which they have many unfortunate events leading up to it. I would be thrilled to be able to write a lot more on this film, but if you’ve seen the first film, you’ve seen them all.

The story line is basic, with some funny parts, but most of the time just a lot of cringe humour. There were far too many breasts than I’m interested in seeing (not surprised) and seeing a squished penis didn’t make me laugh at all; quite the opposite. The most enjoyable part of the whole film is watching Jim’s dad (Eugene Levy) and Stifler’s mum (Jennifer Coolidge) get stoned.

If you’re a fan of the American Pie films, I’m sure you’ll love this, but if you thought they were mediocre the first time round, don’t bother putting yourself through it again.

Verdict: 2/5 

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