Director: Spencer Susser

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Devin Brochu and Rainn Wilson
Rating: 15

At first I wasn’t sure about watching this film as the title put me off a little, but when I read that the majority of the soundtrack was Metallica, I knew it was a good decision.

It’s focused around tattooed and homeless Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Inception) who comes across as arrogant, self centered and very reckless. He rudely pushes his way in to T.J’s (Devin Brochu) life, and takes occupancy in his garage. With his off the rails Dad, Paul (Rainn Wilson) and airhead Grandma (Piper Laurie) we are welcomed into a dysfunctional family after a devastating death.  We follow how Hesher shapes T.Js life in many ways and his admiration for Nicole (Natalie Portman) that all lead him down an intriguing and destructive path.

Described as “Hilarious!” I thought I was about to watch a genuine comedy, but I soon found it was more of a dark comedy, and certainly not ‘hilarious’. There are a few funny moments in this film, but it has a deeper meaning than comedy, and it genuinely pulls on the heart strings.

It didn’t make as much as it should’ve at the box office, and Gordon-Levitt needs huge recognition for the complete different side we see to him. Hesher is a film that has something very everything, and not to mention an incredible soundtrack. If you’re looking for some violence, comedy, romance and something that warms your heart, then this film is it.

Verdict: 4/5

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