Director: Phil Lord and Chris Miller
Starring: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum
Rating:  15

I’ve never been a huge comedy fan, as I’m usually having a blonde moment and don’t get any of the jokes, but thought I would give this one a go. If I’m completely honest the only reason I wanted to see it at first was for Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Different reasons between them, obviously.

It’s pretty much about two cops who have to go undercover and seek out drug dealers in their old high school. Jonah Hill used to be the nerd and Channing Tatum used to be the jock when they were at school, but this time around the tables have turned.

At first it doesn’t sound like the plot is going to have much substance to it (which it does), but it doesn’t matter. The humour used is brilliant and they have really understood how to make someone laugh out loud. Not only are the puns hilarious, but also the relationship between Hill and Tatum is one of the best on screen relationships I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never seen Tatum in a comedy before, only romantics; therefore it was great to see a funny side to him. As for Hill, he is his usual comical self, and delivers well. Some scenes might possibly a little over-the-top but then again, which film isn’t?

There’s not a moment I didn’t find myself nearly in tears from laughing so hard at this film, and I think that went for everyone. I would honestly say I think it might just be better than Superbad, but you’ll have to go and see it to decide for yourself.

Verdict: 5/5

21 thoughts

  1. Great blog post Zoe! I watched the film not too long ago and had the same reaction. I could not stop laughing, especially when they both do drugs 🙂

    1. Thank you! Finally writing something haha! I love that bit, it’s so good! “Fuck you science!”

  2. Haha love this review Zoe! I loved 21 Jump Street too and I thought the sequel was on a par with it!

    I agree, the chemistry between the two leads was brilliant and they were both so funny weren’t they! I might have imagined Tatum to be a bit duller but they were both as great as each other.

    I know what you mean, comedies aren’t my favourite genre either but when I do find one I like, it’s such a treat and I feel I could watch it again and again and again!

    1. Thank you very muchly Emma! Yes, the sequel was amazing too. MY NAME JEFF! I never thought the chemistry would work how it did, but they’re hilarious! I imagined Tatum to just be naked haha. They are a real treat as the jokes never get old if they suit to your humour!

      1. They were both great movies, I defy anyone not to laugh at least SOMETIMES!!!

        So much better than I anticipated 🙂

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